But, plastic is the biggest hindrance in realising that vision, he said.Shah said the Centre was also mulling to take strong steps to stop the production of single-use plastic in a bid to save the environment.."I urge all the women to stop the use of plastic bags while going out for shopping."Sisters who carry home vegetables purchased in plastic bags, might plastic dinnerware Manufacturers perhaps not know that these bags prevent seepage of water into the ground.Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a resolve of Swachh Bharat (clean India). Instead, they can carry a cloth bag, which would last for 10 years," he said."That is why our PM, in his Independence Day speech, urged the citizens to take up a movement against plastic from October 2 (Mahatma Gandhis birth anniversary)," Shah said.Mumbai: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday urged women not to use plastic bags and suggested that they carry cloth bags for shopping. Our society that considers cow as mother, cannot imagine the pain it goes through after kilograms of plastic that it has ingested is taken out from its stomach," he told a gathering organised near Gujarat Science City that falls under this Lok Sabha constituency, he said.Shah was addressing a gathering near Gujarat Science City, Indian Express reported
. Also, currency notes made of plastic are cleaner than paper ones."It has been decided to print banknotes based on plastic or polymersubstrate. In February 2014, the Government had informed Parliament that 100 crore plastic notes of Rs 10 denomination would be introduced in a field trial in five cities selected for their geographical and climatic diversity. The process of procurement has been initiated," Minister of State for finance Arjun Ram Meghwal said in a written reply in Lok Sabha to a query whether RBI proposes to print plastic currency notes in place of paperones.New Delhi: With demonetisation having created a major cash crunch across the country, the government on Friday informed Parliament that a decision has been taken to print plastic currency notes and for which procurement of material has started. Such notes were first introduced in Australia to safeguard against counterfeiting.The plastic tray Manufacturers selected cities were Kochi, Mysore, Jaipur, Shimla and Bhubaneswar.Plastic notes have an average life span of about five years and are difficult to imitate.RBI for long has been planning to launch plastic banknotes after field trials

He told the House that plastic bags, thermocol, disposable cups and plates, cutlery, non-woven polypropylene bags, plastic pouches and packaging would be banned.Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has decided to ban the use of plastic from "Gudi Padva", the Maharashtrian New Year which falls on March 18, Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam today said in the state Assembly.The ban would cover the production, use, storage, sale, distribution, import and transportation of plastic, the minister informed the House.He said that instead of completely prohibiting industries?manufacturing PET bottles, the GST directorate would levy reuse and recycle charges and local bodies would collect revenue generated from it.Similarly, plastic covers and wrappers used for manufactured and processed products would also be exempt, he said.Kadam said that the dairy industry must have a mechanism for the collection of used milk pouches and it would be mandatory for them to buy it back..He said they would have to set up bottle recycling and collection centres within three months of the rules and regulations being published.

The purchase of such bottles for the purpose of recycling should not cost more than one rupee.He said that manufacturers, sellers and distributors should consider it their responsbility to prepare a mechanism to recycle PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.Plastic milk pouches would have to be above 50 microns and it should be recyclable, plastic bowl Manufacturers he said, adding that these used pouches should be bought back for recycling at a cost not less than 50 paise.However, plastic used to cover medicines, forest and horticulture products, solid waste, tree saplings and the use of plastic in special economic zones for export purposes would be exempt from the ban.He said that those violating the ban would be fined Rs 25,000 and could also face a three-year jail term

."We are currently in mapping out plans to reach out to corporates, NGOs and self-help groups to invest in manufacture of alternative carry bags.Mumbai: While the state government is all set to introduce its anti -plastic policy in March next year, officials from the state environment cell stated that the shopkeepers will get three months to arrange alternatives for plastic bags in their shops. However due to lack of awareness it could be not implemented effectively. The state environment department will also be regulating norms to check upon the plastic production from manufacturers. For a stricter implementation of the policy, the state government is going to set deadline of Gudi Padwa in March 2018 for the shopkeepers to replace plastic bags with cotton or paper bags in the market. A public notice on the awareness and regulations regarding plastic ban will be soon issued. Sandanshiv, scientific officer- II, state environment cell (SEC)."We are at Wholesale Plastic Trays Suppliers the stage of creating awareness among consumers and shopkeepers. Anbalagan, Member Secreatry, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. Women groups will also be made part of this campaign to produce cotton and jute bags," said P. The shopkeepers will also be given a deadline till Gudi Padwa to arrange cloth or paper bags for providing things," said S. For the ban, we are starting with the plastic bags and eventually plastic bottles too. "Meanwhile, shopkeepers can approach agencies that manufacture non-plastic bags," he added.In the aftermath of Mumbai floods in 2005, the state government has directed a ban on plastic bags below 50 microns.The state government is currently in talks with several stakeholders on the measures to be taken to ban plastic bags effectively and suggest alternatives like cotton bags, jute bags, and paper bags

In order to spread the message in an innovative way, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan also launched an anthem as a part of a campaign to make India plastic-free by 2022."I would like to draw your attention to another land degradation; it is the menace of plastic waste. As per the new law, manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers of plastic (and plastic products) across the country will now be required to phase out plastic made products within a span of two years.Currently, the anthem is launched in seven languages -- Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam and Kannada.On March 27, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change amended the Plastic Waste Management Rules (2016).It is worth noticing that the Prime Minister at UNCCD COP 14 Summit in Greater Noida yesterday also called on global leaders to follow Indias decision to ban single-use plastic, declaring "time has come for even the world to plastic plate Suppliers say goodbye to it".Mathura: Days after the Central Government put a blanket ban on the single-use plastic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday was seen extending a helping hand to the rag pickers who segregate plastic from the garbage on a daily basis..

The Prime Minister who was in Mathura for the inauguration of National Animal Disease Control Programme was seen sitting on a brown coloured crate with the women rag pickers and was separating plastic from a large heap of garbage to send out a clear message to the citizens to cut plastic use. The Ministry is also making efforts to spread awareness about the management and recycling ecosystem across India.At the event, Modi also exchanged pleasantries with a couple of women rag pickers. My government has announced that India will put an end to single-use plastic in the coming years. The time has come for the world to say goodbye to single-use plastic," Prime Minister Modi had stated at UNCCD-COP14

"Therefore, immediate directions should be given to such manufacturers to stop using single-use plastic immediately so that after October 2, no goods should be available in the market with such packing," it said.In the event of stoppage of single use plastic, their business activities will come to an end which may also result in unemployment of all such people working in these companies.CAIT has urged that suitable guidelines should be issued immediately to bring an end to single-use plastic in the country, it added.CAIT has already extended its full support to Prime Minister Narendra Modis call to stop use of single-use plastic and in furtherance of the same, the CAIT has already launched a nationwide campaign from September 1, advising traders across country not to sell or buy single-use plastic or bags and advise their respective customers to bring their own bags for shopping.In a letter to Javadekar, the Confederation of All India Traders drew the ministers attention to the confusion prevailing among trade and industry about stoppage of single-use plastic, the traders body said in a statement."

The body said that 98 per cent of single-use plastic is used by multi-national companies, corporate manufacturers and big retailers either in their production line or packaging of finished goods.Such confusions, if not taken cognisance of, may prove to be a roadblock in success of eradication of single-use plastic, CAIT said.. So far there is no guideline from the government on this issue and therefore the trade, commerce and industry is in a dilemma.He further said, "It is also not clear whether plastic above 50 micron is allowed or not.In this context, the government should carve out some viable alternatives so that these industries keep running their business activities and employment is not disturbed, the statement said."The traders are forced to sell goods in whatever packing they receive from the manufacturer or source of origin."We are making all endeavours to make this campaign a great success since single-use plastic is a great danger for environment and represent the epitome of todays throwaway culture.New Delhi: Traders body CAIT has written to Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar to remove confusion on use of single-use plastic and urged him to come out with clear guidelines which asks big players to stop using single-use plastic.CAIT also urged Javedkar to convene a meeting of stakeholders to discuss the issue in detail and to guide as to how the campaign should be conducted across the country so that Prime Ministers vision can be converted into a reality. Unless and until, these companies are not compelled to stop use of single-use plastic either in production line or in packing of finished goods, there will always be a occasion for usage of single-use plastic at the end of consumer. What are the alternatives available that could be promoted to replace single-use plastic.The traders body also drew ministers attention towards tens of thousands of industries across the country engaged in plastic trade, giving employment to crores of people in the country.The body is of the view that traders are forced to sell the goods packed Wholesale Plastic Forks Manufacturers in single- use plastic by big manufacturers.The traders body further said that traders are the last mile connect with 130 crore people of the country and as such can play a major role in extending the call down the line across country through more than 7 crore shopping outlets. However, there is great confusion prevailing in the markets about the category of items that falls under single-use plastic," CAIT National President B C Bhartia said in the statement

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